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New Game!

2016-02-11 14:48:24 by moustro19

My game is going to be released soon, please check me for the game.


My Laptop

2015-08-21 03:44:40 by moustro19

I'm happy that it got fixed, however I had to remove the screen and add a new one, atleast there is no problem with the moniter.

Bad News

2015-07-22 04:29:36 by moustro19

My laptop broke, I have to go to the Computer Shop to play, and it isn't free.

LOL, New Animation!

2015-05-24 03:00:17 by moustro19

Now you never was thinking I would have SpongeBob singing Chop Suey by System Of A Down. Did you? Well now I have one :3


Madness Freedom 1

2015-05-24 02:12:21 by moustro19

So far, me, Madnessc12, and MC0DR are doing pretty well! We are working on Madness Freedom 1. The scene creator we are using for Episode 4 is Cnkid's Madness Scene Creator 1.1 and Madness Scene Creator 6.5, his Madness Scene Creators are really good. You should play it!


2015-05-22 03:42:42 by moustro19



Zombie Survival

2015-05-22 03:37:09 by moustro19

I was making the percent of how long some Madness Characters can survive. I used Zombie Analyzer to tell. This will tell how long the Madness Characters will survive.

Try it:


Our Madness Characters

ATP Grunt - 65%

Knifehand - Haven't done


Madnessc12 - 54%

Me (Moustro) - 61%

MC0DR - Haven't done

AAHW Units

Grunt - 35% (Worst)

L337 Agent - 57%

ATP Engineer - 73%

ATP Soldat - 87% (Best)

Subject 1v02P_1

2015-05-19 03:53:41 by moustro19

This subject was the first 1v02P_1 who later kills SUPER AGENT (was Subject 1v02P_6). Subject14 (Subject 1v02P_1) was captured by the AAHW and became a subject. A spanish looking guy (Luis) gave Subject14 a PPK. Subject14 was very smart and later escaped AAHW and killed so much that they couldn't do anything but die. Later he found Luis again and then went around. Madnesia was lucky because he could of been killed because where Luis and Subject14 was near the shop. By the time Madnesia got knocked out and carried his body to the torture chamber, ATP Engineer went into the shop and 5 seconds later Luis and Subject14 broke into the room. When Madnesia was given new clothes. The man who gave him the new clothes wasa Subject14. Madnesia didn't know he was wanted so much that a person would get paid 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000$ if he was captured. He was so wanted that even ATP Soldats was scared of him. Well ATP Soldats are Top 60-70 in the Top 100 Strongest Madness Characters but still. He couldn't be captured. Anyone stronger then Subject14 he wouldn't attack but after 5 attack you do he dissapears for a moment when he is really on the roof. But by the time you look at the roof he is already in the next room so he is too quick. All of his skills is 30/30 but his dex, that is 100/30 so don't be suprised if you joined the AAHW and you are stronger then him and you can't catch up. He is about 500MPH so don't think the job is easy. The only time you see him around is when you see Luis.

I've returned

2015-05-16 05:17:13 by moustro19

Over this time I brought my laptop to my friend's house and I could do the things I wanted so I've returned to newgrounds, right now I finished REAL Madness 1, 2, 2.5, 2.6, 2.6.5, & 3. Right now I am working on REAL Madness 2.7 and 4. I'll post the REAL Madness Animations Right Now.

I won't be online for a week.

2015-05-04 02:45:49 by moustro19

My house is unfinished, construction working came to fix it. I have to leave at 3:00 PM :(