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2015-05-03 04:24:25 by moustro19

I trolled Madnessc12 because my username on Spolder website is Madnessc12. Trololololololololo. Back then I use Sploder as a game making website because I didn't really know one that makes 3d games. Now I use Cyberix3D


Scientist Wanted

Problems: None

Download: No

Website: Sploder



Problems: Doesn't work on Internet Explorer, requires Firefox

Download: Yes

File Type: Zipped Folder

Download Intructions: Click on the file that is 1.79 MB

Website: Cyberix3D


2015-05-02 01:37:03 by moustro19

The top 10 came from Madnessc12. So don't tell me he is non-canon, plus I didn't create him anyway. Please put some answers to the empty slots.


1. ATP Grunt (madnessc12)

2. Slenderman (Gabriel Barsch)

3. Gabriel Barsch (Gabriel Barsch)

4. Tricky (Krinkles)

5. Hank (Krinkles)

6. Auditor (Krinkles)

7. Jebus (Krinkles)

8. Cethic (Cethic)

9. Hot Dog Vendor (Krinkles)

10. madnessc12 (madnessc12)

11. Yeelon (Kelzad)



14. Djjmarc (madnesia19)

15. Killer (madnessc12, moustro19)

16. Djjaner (Djjaner)


18. Kelzad (Kelzad)


20. 1HeatFire (1HeatFire)

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2015-05-01 04:25:32 by moustro19

REAL Madness 1

REAL Madness 2

REAL Madness 2.5

REAL Madness 2.6

REAL Madness 2.6.5

Incident 001XD

SpongeBob sings Chop Suey