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The-Damned-King The-Damned-King

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This is pretty good! How did you make this! Your a artist! This is great! I'll send a profile picture of you. Since I'm pretty good at paint since I've been using paint ever since 2012 I could make a profile picture of you. I'll send it to you.

The-Damned-King responds:

Well it's pretty basic, simple lines and few colors.
This was rater fast project, because I was very anxious to make a profile image at the time,
so it only took me about an hour or two, but I am planning on making a lets say a "reboot"
of this image. And again thank you for your input and your art work on my profile image.

Anti bullying Madness Anti bullying Madness

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I making a scene animation about a injured grunt getting revenge from AAHW cause they are so mean. I agree with Connectionsucks that grunts need our help, so lets get some grunts to fight back with.....tada, guns! Shoot the AAHW into pieces, so no more of AAHW stealing Nevada from citizens and bullying poor weak grunts! 1000 RPG-7 will be shot at all AAHW building so much that there will be no remains but bones. So end the AAHW that is causing the bullying!